Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease....WHAT??

Yes, exactly what we were thinking. I have never heard of this but some how Kynlee has caught it. It has explained her weekend fever, fussiness, irritability, lack of sleep, loss of appetite and now the rash that has appeared on her feet and hands. After a trip to the Dr yesterday she has a text book case of hand, foot and mouth disease. The Dr said her mouth was covered with them and it feels like ulcers in her we are understanding why she has been the was she has ALL weekend. I will try to post pictures of the rash later if she will let me take some pictures. As far as treatment goes, there is nothing to do except treat the symptoms, which we have. We did try to first dose of benadryl and Maalox mixture last night around 8 and she was fast asleep, I guess Benadryl dose work for her. I am just glad we will be over this before Kaden arrives.

As far as Kaden goes, we go to the Dr tomorrow and will post an update then.

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