Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maternity Pictures

Here are some pictures that were taken by Erin with epcaptures photography. It was so hard just to chose 5 for her to allow my for web uploading. She came to my house all the way from Ft Worth. I could not have loved her any more. If anyone is interested in her work please go to for more information.

If you would like to see all the pictures from my session just let me know and I will send that information to you. I am just getting more excited about the arrival of Kaden James. I will post an update later after my Dr appointment today.



Sarah said...

I LOVE that you are doing this Mandy! It's like a scrapbook, but will be easier to update and the pages will never wear. The pic with all your hands is my absolute fav.

The Piersons said...

Mandy, I have been checking everyday waiting for these pictures, they are so, so, so beautiful!! I am in love with them.

Erin said...

Mandy, your blog is so sweet. Thank you! I had SO much fun with you guys and Miss K could not be any more precious! Happy anniversary, by the way. :) Yall are such a cute couple!

Hurry up baby Kaden!!!

ambyr said...

too cute girl!! I bet you can't wait to see what he'll look like!! So we must have the same due date or around there!! i'm so miserable and ready to explode!!! My feet have now started to swell and I can't even walk straight!!! Are you getting induced or antything?? hav you progressed at all yet!!