Sunday, September 14, 2008


Okay since its only been weeks since I updated here is what is happening in the Berry Household. We were supposed to be on vacation today at Seaworld San Antonio this weekend, but IKE decided not to take a hike and slam into the Texas coast. We did get some rain here at our house but nothing bad. I have also bought a new flip video (Thanks Courtney). I am addicted to taking video now since it is so easy. I have posted a video today but will be posting many more.
As for this week, Monday we have a playdate with our friends and then Shawn and I are going to the COWBOYS GAME vs the Eagles (last monday night game at Cowboy stadium)!!! GO Romo! Tuesday Kaden has his 4 month Dr appointment and Kynlee has school. By the way she absolutely loves her new school and her new friends and new teachers. They are so wonderful and she brings home something everyday either in heart or hand. Here is something she has made at school so far.....
Next it tons of pictures from the last few weeks. This past Friday we took the kids to Incredible Pizza, which is like Chuck E Cheese, to have some fun and boy did we. Chasing Kynlee is a complete work out. Ask Shawn. Kaden has now slept through the night 2 nights. We are hoping it is going to be the start of something good. Even though only once a night is still not that bad. Okay now for the pictures:

Will try to update more soon!

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Balancing Act said...

Haha! He is wonderfully chubby just like my Syd. Sydney isn't sleeping through the night anymore sicne we moved back to Arlington. We're working on it though. What school does Kynlee go to?