Monday, October 20, 2008


What are these? Oh, wait! We couldn't leave the house with out them. These USED to be Kynlee's favorite things. NUK pacifers. Well not anymore. It has currently been 13 days with out seeing any of these in her mouth or hands. It has been pretty rough when it comes down to taking a nap or going to bed without them. She used to fall asleep without crying and loved going to bed. Now we have to hear her cry for a little bit but then she soon falls asleep and stays alseep.

The second best part is Kaden doesn't take one at all! So no more pacifers in the Berry household. And no more buying them in the store because you forgot one when you left.


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Anonymous said...

YAY!! I snagged McKenna's as soon as she turned 5 months old! But luckily she never was very dependent on one, just when she was fussy. It's nice when you have one less thing to remember to pack in the diaper bag!!