Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 had been so much fun. Kynlee had a great time opening presents and even got tired of unwrapping (she wanted to play with what she had already gotten) we had to make her open the rest. Kaden had a good time eating the wrapping paper. We all got exactly what we wanted and couldn't have had a better Christmas with the family.

We even made a gingerbread house per Shawn's request.

Pre Christmas

Kynlee's Bouncer/Ball Pit

Kynlee's New Doll Set

Look at all those presents they got.....WAY TOO MANY!! Boy did we learn that we went over board but I guess that is what SPOILED means too!

Here are some videos as well from our Christmas:

Now its time to get ready for Kynlee's 2nd watching for your invitation soon!



The Piersons said...

How fun, what a great Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Overboard is an understatement! But it's fun when they're that age...but now you just have to out-do yourself every year!