Friday, February 20, 2009

New Product & I LOVE it

Okay, so after being a huge fan on J&J No More Tears & Bedtime Bath(my favorite smell). I was walking in Target the other day and I noticed a BLUE J&J bottle and thought, oh that must be new what is it? I walked over to check it out and it read- Baby Bubble Bath & Wash. I immediatley opened it and smelled it and it then found it self in my basket. The smell is wonderful for both boy & girl. Right now both my kids bathe together so what a wonderful idea. Kynlee gets bubbles and Kaden doesn't have to smell like a girl and it can be used as wash too. I love new products!

Then, today I was looking for a picture to post on my blog and also found they have another new product that looks just as interesting. These are to celebrate 50yrs of Johnson & Johnson. I can't wait to go back to target and look for this. I love that it is foam and no more making my own foam with the wash rag. Kynlee is also all about washing herself and with this she can do it!

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