Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just a couple of updates. We have truly been enjoying our warm days this weekend outside. Kynlee could live outside if we would let her. She loves the freedom of just running, jumping, swinging and sliding. This summer is going to be so much fun.

Kaden also had he own playdate without his sister and just for "creepy crawlers". This playdate was for those who can't walk yet. He had about 4 friends over and they ALL loved to play with each other while us mom's just talked. Here is one of his "girl"friends Kendra too.

Saturday night must have been a fluke, Kaden slept through the night. I was hoping for that again last night but it didn't happen. He still got up at 4:15 to eat then he is still sleeping at 9"1 this mornign along with Kynlee. I am loving the time change. It seems the darkness has kept them in bed longer.

Kaden says "What are you talking to me?"

Last but not least we put our house up for sale this past Thursday. Now we are just anxiously waiting for the right buyer. Where are we moving? That is the most asked question right now by everyone. Well, we really don't know but somewhere close to here. We keep looking around too but don't want to get our hopes up. Shawn spent all weekend outside working on the "curb" appeal. I do have to say it looks really good!

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