Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kaden!

Wow, I can hardly believe my lil' monkey is 1! It doesn't seem a year has gone by. He is truly a blessing and we thanks God everyday for 2 healthy beautiful children. So today we celebrate the birth of our son, Kaden. Happy birthday lil' monkey! Here are some pictures of the celebration:

Happy 1st Birthday Kaden, this cake was delicious:

Kaden's Personal Monkey Cake:

Trying out his monkey cake:

Not so sure of it:

Lighting his birthday cake:

Uncle Brad & Kaden:

Kynlee given Kaden some loving:

He was all smiles today:

Daddy & Kaden:

Mrs. Haley & Kaden:

Kynlee got a present too, a new Cinderella bike:

Miss Avery:

Kaden's First Truck, Thanks to Great Grandma:

Kynlee wanted to open ALL the presents and Kaden just sat back and watched:

His loves his other new car too:

What momma?

Miss Kenley:

Happy Kiddo:

Miss Kenley again:

Kenley & Kynlee eating lunch:

Birthday Boy a little tired:

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