Friday, May 15, 2009

Kaden & his bottle

Kaden had his 1 yr old Dr. Appointment yesterday here is his stats

26.8 lbs - 95%
29.3 in - 47%
18.5 in Head Circ- 76%
BMI- 22

He is growing like a weed but I am sure glad we are under the 99 percentile for weight!

Here was Kynlee's 1 yr stats to compare
29 in tall

We talked to Dr. Wagner about him STILL not sleeping through the night and wanting a bottle. My question was, how do I take him off the bottle if that's the only thing he wants in the middle of the night? Dr Wagner's response was, Do both at the same time? Yes, cold turkey. Stop the bottle all the time and let him cry himself to sleep. She said to start when we were ready, but breaking habits is also hard to do. SO, last night we decided it was time. Kaden only had 1 bottle yesterday before nap time and that was it. Shawn put him to bed at 9:45 with NO bottle and he cried on & off for 45 mins. When he was crying, it was horrible. He cried so hard. Shawn even tried to rock him to sleep because he felt so bad. He was successful until he went to lay him in the crib. So we had no choice but to let him cry it out. He did his usual waking up at 2am but with no bottle or mommy he only cried for 20 mins, which was better than I thought it was going to be. Today on the other hand has already been to a rough start. I think he is in shock with NO bottle. So off to play with him. Will update soon on the no bottle thing and hopefully its going to get easier everyday.

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