Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So here at the Berry household it has been really busy. Kaden's allergies put his reactive airway disease in to full blown. He is now on breathing treatments every morning and every night with the as needed ones in between. Look how sad he looks

This picture was last Friday morning, and a week of treatments he has now gotten used to them and sits still all by himself. But on Monday night we were having to hold him down to get him to keep that dinosaur mask on, not fun AT ALL.

Last Monday morning, we had an enchanted princess playdate at my house here is our princess Kynlee all dolled up and ready for her friends to join her

The top I had ordered for her party did not come in in time so here is Kynlee after the party when the cute corset top finally arrived....I really think she is growing up....and of course is a princess

Later this week we also had a park playdate, the kids loved the park and the best part was it was no higher than 85 degrees outside....perfect for an afternoon at the park

I have also decided that the kids will be Mickey & Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year.... I have just a sneak peak of how cute they will be this year. Kaden already has his costume and hopefully I will be picking up Kynlee's costume today!!! Then of course I am going to have their pictures taken for real.

Then yesterday, Sunday, we took Nana to Six Flags with us. Kynlee wakes up every morning asking to go there and so we couldn't pass up going on Sunday. It was great, not busy at all and plus Kynlee has now officially rode her 1st roller coaster, this is because she passed the 36" mark! Yay! I will have to post pictures later since Shawn stole my camera for work today and I haven't uploaded the pictures yet....I will tonight though!


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