Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catch UP!

Sp lots of stuff to update on. First, Nov 25 was Shawn's 28th Birthday, we celebrated by going to eat at Razoo's and then to see Santa with the kids and home to Nana & Papa's to celebrate with some ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with my family & Shawn's mom & brother and YES I cooked the entire meal with a little help from momma of course. Here is the family passed out and stuffed

We started black friday at Midnight and headed out to Toys R US, are you kidding me? I will NEVER go there again on Black Friday, me & mom then went to Old Navy and then grabed some breakfast at IHOP before braving the crowds at Walmart, I will say we came out with everything we were looking for. We then headed out to Allen Outlet Malls around 5:30 and I found our best buy for the day there at the COlumbia Outlet store, I was able to buy myself some ski pants and a jacket for $70 and some change out the door, WOW, I wasn't even looking for those and scored really big. Later that day after a quick nap we headed out to Six Flags Over Texas for some Holiday in the Park.

December is now here and we are not slowing down, besides the normal playdates with our friends we also meet yesterday at the mall with some other friends for a quick Santa visit and some shopping. Here is the video of the kids with Santa & pics of course. Thanks Nicky for coming all the way to see us! This was round 2 with Santa, Kynlee loves SANTA and is always talking about him, and Kaden doesn't like him as you can tell from the pictures.

Here is Kynlee at her show off parent night doing her thing!!

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