Monday, January 4, 2010 we come!

So Christmas has past along with the New Year and I have not written a post, I am so behind on updating and putting up pictures and have no time now. But We are all packed and ready for our trip to Grandville, MI!!! We made it by packing 2 suitcases, 1 backpack and 1 diaper bag along with 2 carseats and 1 stroller. I hope the kids will be well behaved on the plane. But my guess it that Kaden will not be good. Lately he is the one not wanting in the stroller, not walking but you carrying him and at 30 lbs of dead weight we no longer can carry him like we used to and he throws the BIGGEST fit EVER, you would think he was badly hurt. So please pray that on Wed that we make it through a 3 yr plane ride with a 20 month old & almost 3 yr old. Patience will be the answer I think and if they scream lets hope that I do not know anyone on the plane or ever see them again. I have plenty of snacks, games, crayons, toys, cars, DVD player, books packed and ALL NEW ones at that, lets hope it pays off. I will have plenty of snow pictures to show when we return but until then here are a few pictures of the snow we had on Christmas EVE this year in Texas!

Above is Dixie, Brad's Dog...she LOVED the snow

Okay and here are a few from Christmas!

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Aaron said...

Great pictures! I think we have the same stockings, did you get yours at Pottery Barn?