Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hospital Admission

Hey guys, I know everyone is wanting to know how Kynlee is and what in the world happened. We are currently on vacation in San Antonio, TX we have been having a super fun time and the kids are having a blast as well. Yesterday morning, me,nana, & uncle Brad took Kynlee to Fiesta Texas for a few hours, only after about 45 mins did a punk teenager cut us off when we were walking and tripped me and I was caring Kynlee at the time so, of course we both then fell resulting in Kynlee falling and hitting her head on the brick pavement. AND not once did that punk girl turn around, since her friends were obvisously more important. Kynlee immediately cried like normal and then still wanted to ride more rides, we then rode about 3 more rides and she just would start crying for no reason, so I assumed she had a headache and we should just watch the next Wiggles Show that at 12:30, we sat there and she just started to look worse saying her stomach hurt, in which I thought she probably meant she had some nausea. Then right before the show started she said she wanted to go, that was the #1 sign she didnt feel good. We carried her to the car and she slept the whole way home. Once we got back to the hotel room, she started vomiting several times then become lethargice and not responsive to us. She wouldn't talk, look or respond to our commands, we nana then called 911! Now let me talk about scary, it seemed like the ambulance took 30 mins to get here. The hardest part was trying to keep it together and trying not to worry about what could be wrong with her. Once I heard the sierens I rushed her down the stairs. I just wanted my baby to see me and hear me! She wasn't, she was out of it. The paramedics put her on the monitor and all I could see what her high blood pressure & low oxygen sats. They attempted to put her on a nasal canula and then the real Kynlee showed through a little bit, she fought them a little bit, then I started to hold the blow by in front of her face. I then asked to go the Children's hospital but they said they are on divert, which means not accepting new patients via transport. I said, Are you kidding me? So I asked to go the next best place. They said University Hospital. I said okay get us there. Once in the ambulance they called the hospital gave report then upgraded our status to a level 1 and the trauma team would be on stand by for us upon our arrival. I then knew this was gonna be the start of a long day. We arrived, the 1st thing I saw was the orange jump suit in shackles. In my head I am thinking where did they take us. I think immediately figured out we were at the Parkland of San Antonio. WOW!! The things we saw in the ER. After our arrival then began there work up. Starting with cutting her brand new clothes off, drawing blood, oxygen & a STAT head CT. I just sat back and watched them do their job and answered the finacial ladies 500 hundred questions. Soon I was able to go to her bedside. After the CT we were moved from the main bay to the side bay of the trauma room. We then sat there and listen/watched many other serious traumas come in. Shawn almost couldn't handle it, but I didn't want to be left alone in that room, with all the wierdo's. Soon peds resident came by to see Kynlee but she was fast asleep so just got a little history from us and told us we would be going to a room soon on the 9th floor. Her head CT came back and everything looked good so just a concussion. Once we got the the 9th floor I saw a playroom and more colorful walls but nothing to brag about. Our room is bigger than where I work so that is one good thing. The childlife specialist came to our room brought Kynlee a huge doll, playdoh & princess coloring books & crayons. Kynlee still wasn't feeling good so she wasn't interested. After our arrival to the room she still was throwing up everytime she sat up. Then after a couple hours in the room she perked up and is back to her old self. Kynlee is playing, running, talking & full of energy. It is so nice to see her feeling better. SO the last 24 hrs have been from one extreme to the other and I am glad to being going up hill. Lets just hope the drs get here soon so we can go home or back to the hotel atleast! Today is Kaden's 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday baby boy! Happy Mother's day to all too!!

I will keep you guys updated but I think everything is going to be just fine!


Christina said...

I'm glad to hear things are ok. I hope she continues to recover and y'all can enjoy the rest of your time there. Keeping y'all in my prayers.

Kathy Avellanet said...

Wiping tears away - I'm soooooo glad she's okay now! Send my love to "Nana" and "Uncle Brad" and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!