Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow from H*LL

So for the most part I LOVE snow but not 3 straight days of ice/sleet then the 4th day of over 6" of snow!  I would be okay with it if my husband got to stay home those 4 days but NO he is at work!  Or that I didn't have to be held hostage on Monday at the hospital for over 16hrs because nobody wanted to drive in the ice.  Today though my wonderful husband is out getting the table/chairs we rented for Kynlee's birthday party tomorrow, cake & helium!  Even if nobody shows up to her party tomrorow we will have a perfect party anyways!  It just makes me sad to think that most people are NOT going to venture out tomorrow for a little birthday party.  Unless they are tired of being held hostage in their house and its a reason for them to get out.  I am hoping a few do show up since I put lots of hard work and money in this party.  The biggest reason is Kynlee, she just wont understand why nobody is coming!  I keep telling her Jesus brought you snow for you birthday and she is believeing it now but I doubt will tomorrow.  Please Please SUN come out and melt this snow, you will make the a very special 4yr old happy!

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The Piersons said...

I love the snow pictures, can you believe it? We didn't take any so maybe I can borrow some of yours and pretend it is my house. :)