Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Pictures of Kaden!

Here are some new pictures of Kaden James, He is doing so well and we are glad he is here.

Kynlee is adjusting pretty well to having a new brother. She loves to give him big wet kisses!

Kaden's Famouse Hospital Pictures:

More pictures from our own camera:

Look at those skinny legs....

We will keep trying to post new pictures as often as we can. Love you guys!


ambyr said...

very cute mandy!!! at first I thought he looked just like you and then I saw his eyes open and I think he looks a lot like your husband!! What a cutie!!

The Piersons said...

Oh I love that you put up more pictures, what a cutie!! Does he look like Kynlee did when she was a baby? I love the picture of her kissing him, classic.

Heather said...

These pictures are just precious!!! I LOVE the yawn one!

Balancing Act said...

Congratulations Mandy! Such a cutie pie!

Courtney (Barksdale) Perez