Sunday, June 15, 2008

Okay, so I know I have been a little slow adding pictures, but man is life busy with two kids. I hope all these pictures make up for it though. Also, we are very excited for this week, Papa J and Sandy will be in town to spend time with the grand babies. Many pictures to follow. Also, today is father's day....Happy Father's Day!!

These pictures below are from 5-16-08, Kaden was one week old

Kaden's First Real Bath at home

Next Kynlee had play time with her friend McKenna on 5/19/09

Kaden napping with his big sister Kynlee on 5/20/08

Kaden 3wks old:

Okay, So this is how I caught my little monkey after she was waaaayyy to quite

Yes, I guess thats the new way to watch T.V when your 16 months old.

Next, Kaden had his first playdate on 6/9/08 (1 month old birthday) with Avery. Avery is 11 wks old and maybe one day will be his girlfriend.

This pictures is for those of you who don't think he ever cries, but he's got some good lungs!

Here is Kaden sound asleep which he does pretty well too!

Kaden is 5 wks old, where has all the time gone!

Now this was last night, Kynlee still loves giving him as many kisses as we will let her!!

His getting soooo big

Last but not least, here are some pictures from today on Father's Day.

Shawn just got his Fathers Day present and it was Yes, the Wii!! I will try to sneak some pictures of him playing will get a good laugh, I PROMISE!


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The Piersons said...

Mandy, I love seeing new pictures of the babes, man are they both adorable. I love the one where Kynlee is holding Kaden, adorable. He is getting so big!!