Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture Overload

So my in laws from Michigan came to meet Baby Kaden and spend time with the fam. We all enjoyed their stay so much and already miss them. While they were here we went to Chuck E Cheese, Cheesecake Factory, Joe's Crab Shack, swimming, played the Wii, and had quality time with each other. We also learned a new card game called Phase 10, it is so much fun and everyone should play it some time. Kynlee also caught a bug while they were here and had a fever for 3 of the 4 days they were here, which made for an interesting week. Okay so here are some pictures of our good times:

Chuck E Cheese Please:

Wii Time- Yes Shawn loves the Hula Hoop!!

Nap Time with Kaden:

My favorite new picture of Kaden:

At the Cheesecake Factory:

Swimming Time:

Papa J and Kynlee looking at the stars:

Kaden & Dixie taking an afternoon nap:

Kynlee just loves her brother:

Papa J and his boy:

Me and the kiddos:

Love you guys!

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The Piersons said...

Thanks for the picture overload :) Those kids are so adorable. They are getting so big. It looks like you had a fun time with the grandparents.