Friday, November 28, 2008

Road Trip, Party, ER, Home

Happy Birthday to Aunt Max & Uncle Ernie

So we headed off to Nebraska with 4 adults and 2 Kids under 2 for a 11 hr drive. The drive there was great. We first stopped at Grandpa's House in David City, NE for a 6 hr stay before heading to Omaha for the Big Surprise Party. Grandpa loved seeing us all and the great-grand kids.

The big surprise birthday party was a HUGE surprise and we all pulled it off. Aunt Max was completely surprise to see all of us and her other sister from Texas as well. We had a great time celebrating and Kynlee and her cousin, Emerson were inseparable for the night. The couldn't get enough of each other and the stairs.

We headed back to the hotel for a much needed sleep only to be waken up by a very sick child, Kynlee. She had this horrible couch and couldn't breathe. We thought this couldn't be and we had even brought the humidifier and everything. So we let her sleep in the bed with us for the rest of the night and then went to Aunt Max's for the day. After a long day of playing she still sounded horrible. We decided to make the trip to an ER on a Sunday night at 9 pm.

We get to the Children's Hospital ER and were checking in when the nurse heard her cough and said, "We'll finish your paperwork in back, Take her to room 8". At that time I knew for sure it was Croup. Yes, Croup! After a breathing treatment and some steroids we were back off the to hotel again for much needed sleep.

Monday, we get up and are praying that all the cousins Kynlee was around hadn't gotten it either. So far, so good, nobody else was sick. We then headed to Cabela's to look at he animals and have lunch before we headed back to Texas. The ride home went better than expected, both Kynlee & Kaden were exhausted and slept almost the entire way.

Now today we found out we have a running total of 3 adults and 4 kids with some sort of cough, stuffy nose, etc. Including myself and Shawn, Kynlee & Kaden.

We had a great thanksgiving and now weigh about 10 lbs more...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stats on Kayden!! He really is a BIG BOY! And oh so sweet to hug and cuddle.