Monday, December 15, 2008

If one of us isn't sick the other is...

Okay so my kids are healthy now but my mom has the sniffles, my brother has fever, diarrhea, etc....something not looking good and then I am falling apart. Yes. thats what I said. So, my knee started hurting me last Wednesday only at night and when resting. I shrugged it off then of course this weekend its killing me. I made an appointment this morning to see my PCP and he is 99% sure I have torn cartilage under my knee cap either ACL or PCL. He called in a "dashboard injury". Since I hit my knee in my wreck (2 months ago) and had a pretty bad bruise there. He said sometimes it heals on its own and then there are the times it doesn't. Obviously mine didn't I guess. I will have an MRI when the lady calls me to schedule it. He put it in as an ASAP order, but these days that doesn't mean a lot to some people especially if they are not the ones in pain. Depending on the results I will then see an orthopedic Dr and go on from there. These type of injuries result in surgery though. I don't care what it is I just want it fixed. I thought I was falling apart with old age maybe. I guess its just a sign of what life could be like when getting older I guess. At least its me this time and not my kids. I just hate seeing them sick.

Good News: This weekend is the Disney Playhouse Live show I have been waiting on for like 6 months. Kynlee is going to love it. I can't wait to see her during the show. I also have the perfect outfit for her to wear. I am getting so excited and its still 5 days away.
Check out a little clip if ya want:

I will keep you updated on my knee and how much fun this weekend is.


The Piersons said...

Mandy I'm so sorry!! I hope its not anything too serious, that stinks.

Have fun at the Disney Playland though, take pictures.

ambyr said...

oh my word!!! I hope yall get better!!! I need you address! email me
merry christmas!!!