Monday, January 26, 2009

1st Tooth

Okay, Good news & Bad news. Good news: After patiently waiting, Kaden got his first tooth yesterday. Bad news: Neither of his parents noticed it, Thanks to Nana for noticing his first tooth. It was a sad moment because I always have my finger in his mouth everyday to see if he has one, because it is so exciting to feel the first one, obviously I hadn't had my finger in there yesterday. So congrats to Kaden at getting his first tooth at 8 1/2 months old and beating Kynlee by one week. Kynlee had 2 teeth on her first birthday so we'll see how many Kaden has then too.

More Bad News: Kynlee has a fever, but thats ALL. No other symptoms but everytime she is sick she never acts like it. I wish she could talk and tell me if there is something else wrong. Ears, teeth, throat, tummy??? Anything?? I also tell all of you she never runs out of energy even with a 103.2 temp. I guess this is because in the last week or so I have said multiple times, "My kids haven't been sick in awhile" Well enough said, the sickness just started. Now my job is to keep my teething baby away from the sick one.

I don't have any pictures to post today. Kynlee will be getting her pictures done as soon as the weather is nice again to do outdoor pictures. So we are on stand by with the photographer and the weather man. Her party is in less than 2 weeks and we are so excited. Plenty of pictures to come I promise.


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