Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More exciting News

Guess what? Guess what? I can officially say I found Kaden's 2nd tooth. We were playing this morning and he was smiling ear to ear and I noticed more white on his bottom gum. I though no way he got a tooth overnight. Sure enough he did! He even slept really good last night. He now has his 2 bottom teeth. This is crazy to even think about. He got his tooth one week after the first one came through and so did Kynlee. Kaden started crawling the exact same time Kynlee started crawling, which was 1 week after the 1st tooth came through. Its crazy to think they are so different in so many ways to also know that they are so much alike as well.

More News: So I already said Kaden is CRAWLING. My little man decided to have many new things happen in one month. He now crawls towards something he wants, he is not crawling on demand (unless you have something he wants) yet or just everywhere but I am sure those days are coming very very soon.

This week has been really busy and is about to get busier with the approaching birthday party. Yes Kynlee is just 4 days away from being "2". I am so excited to have her birthday party. We are hoping for extremely nice weather so we can put up our bounce house for the kids to enjoy. So rain rain, go away come again another day or even Monday.

No pictures again, I know I am such a slacker and never get my camera out anymore. I will try to take some pictures today of Kaden's teeth and of him on all fours. Then I will have plenty from the party on Sunday. I will definitely have my camera out this day. I am also getting pictures taken on Friday. So, I promise the next post will have pictures.

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