Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kynlee!

So the weekend started by on Saturday, taking Kynlee to Build a Bear. She wasn't sure on how this all worked and was even a little scarred when they started to put the stuffing inside the bear. After all said and done she LOVES her new bear. She wouldn't stop talking about it all day.

Next was the big day, Her 2nd Birthday. We had great sunny skies and 74 degree weather, Kynlee and her friends enjoyed the bounce house. Kynlee wouldn't stop saying "bounce" and pulling your hand so she could go back outside to bounce some more. Even today when she was looking at the pictures all she kept saying was "Bounce Momma".

Kaden managed to get a few photos in today as well: Here he is on his radio flyer horse Nana got him for Christmas Kaden with Uncle Brad & Alli Next was present time for Kynlee. I don't think she REALLY understood why she was getting ALL the attention and presents, but she sure did enjoy herself.

All the kids wanted to open presents too~

After opening presents we did the whole cake & singing birthday. She really didn't know what was going on now. She has every body's attention and boy did she use it to her advantage.

She got her new ATV from Nana & Papa. She love its but has not figured out to hold down the button to keep it going. Its just stop & go & stop & go. She will figure it out today I am sure.

Kaden passed out after a long day. I can't believe he is also 9 months old today. Happy 9mo Birthday to Kaden.

So last night after I laid down in bed, I asked Shawn, "Can you believe it's been 2 yrs already?" He said "Mandy, how many times do you have to ask me that this weekend? No, I can't believe it either." I guess I just keep saying it and asking myself and everyone else. I am still shocked that it has been 2 yrs since Kynlee was born. But the more I say it the harder it is to believe. Then Shawn will say, " Can you believe it's almost been 1 yr since Kaden was born?" Thats when I start to cry and can't believe any of it. My babies are growing up so fast. It has been an amazing last 2 yrs. Kynlee & Kaden are our world and we couldn't imagine life without them. So again, thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Kynlee's birthday, we really appreciated it and we are looking forward to celebrating Kaden's 1st yr birthday soon too.

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The Piersons said...

Happy Birthday Kynlee!! It looks like she had a fabulous day. I love her cake.