Monday, July 13, 2009

Potty Training Moments

So must of you guys know I have been trying to potty train Kynlee this past week. Lets Say Friday she was 5 for 6 for me and then when I went to work this weekend she went "#2" for Daddy everywhere. But for the most part she did very well and today so far she is 2 for 2. But going #2 on the potty is 0 for 10. Most people do say that is the hardest part and I believe so. We have been using M&M's and painting fingers and toes as potty rewards. I also let her go naked during the day and that seems to be working. Daddy did pull ups after the 1st accident and she did do good in those too. I take her every hr and at least "try" to go potty, so I spend most of my days in the bathroom recently. Speaking of its time to try again! I hope all this effort will soon pay off.

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