Friday, July 10, 2009

Too many updates in one post

Well I have been such a bad blogger lately, the Berry house is so busy! Here is what has been going on lately here:

1. Papa J & G mom visited us from Michigan
2. Kaden started walking finally
3. Kynlee started swimming lessons and is doing so good, we think she's half mermaid
4. Kaden got his 3rd tooth at 14 months old, but you would never know he eats a ton
5. Kynlee started potty training....its a long process but today we haven't had any accidents!!! Woohoo
6. We've had many fun times with family and friends, and we LOVE our playgroup
7. We had an offer made on our house that is for sale, but it didn't work out
8. My 2 of my friends had babies and one even twin boys!, Congrats to Haley & Beth

Now here is some pictures of G mom & Papa J on their trip to Texas:

Our trip to the Arboretum:

Our trip to the Dallas World Aquarium:

We have missed you guys so much already, we must see you guys more than once a year. Kynlee still talks about you guys everyday!! Can't wait till the next time. Lets plan something now!

Here is Kynlee with Ms Pam at Mommy & Me swim lessons, Week 1:

Kynlee with her best friend Avery
Kaden Walking:

Kynlee at Splash Factory for a playdate:

Love ya,

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The Piersons said...

That is too many updates for one post. :) So much excitement happening with the Berry's.

I love your family pictures by they way.