Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Festivities

This week was another busy one for use. We had a PJ party at MDO on Thursday, the kids wore there Halloween PJ's to school and came home with more than enough goodies! Then Kynlee wore her Minnie Mouse costume to dance and received some cute gifts from her friends there! Friday we had our 1st Annual Halloween Playgroup Party, the turnout was great, food looked awesome and the kids had a blast & looked cute of course. Saturday's festivites started off bad, we went to the local Red Oak Fall Festival and it was HORRIBLE!!! We left and went to Rachael's house for some fun trick or treating!!! Kynlee was so cute and said Trick or Treat at everyhouse and then followed by a Thank You! She will definetly remember Halloween from now on. We will be in candy overland at our house for the next month! Maybe we can really get done with this potty training with good candy to brib with. Here is a slide show of all the activites that has been going on:

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!