Friday, November 20, 2009

gear is here....

So I ordered the kids new winter coats along with some ski bibs for our upcoming trip to Michigan....I was able to snap a few photos of Kynlee hammin it up for the camera.

Also, Kynlee has taken on the role of photographing us. She loves taking pictures but I hate her having my camera in her hands, I will be buying her that fisher price camera for Christmas. Here is her work from tonight:

Last night at dance, it was family visit night. Kynlee was accompined by her mommy, daddy, brother Kaden, Nana, Papa and Aunt Alli. She performed so well. Here are some pictures from last night:

And last Kynlee and her Nana...finally a good picture of the two since Mom hates to takes pictures of herself. This one needs to be printed.

Kaden had his 18 month checkup today...I will write another post about that but when I was there I was faced with the decision to give the kids the H1N1 vaccine. I made the decision to go ahead since I really don't want any swine in our household this winter. Kaden got the shot and Kynlee got the nasal mist.

Oh wait, I just found this picture. Thursday at MDO was the kids' Thanksgiving Feast, so I tried to dress them alike and take a picture before school, but this is what I got....Kaden trying to get away from Kynlee....this just makes me laugh since this is an everyday task for Kaden. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving........

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