Monday, February 22, 2010


OMG...what has happened in over a month at the Berry's much! I can't believe I haven't posted in so long, such a bad blogger. I look & read blogs everyday but can't seem to keep mine updated. So here we go. We have been busy busy over the last month, with Kynlee's 3rd Birthday, record snowfall in Texas, many many playdates with friends, house still for sale with increasing showings, work, super bowl, and lots of wedding/baby showers! Here are some pictures to show whats been going on in our house. I will try to be a better blogger this month!

Kaden has also started getting ECI services here at the house and I do think it is helping, we see a speech therapist & developmental therapist 4 times a month, he has picked up on the sign language like crazy and even saying more words, Last night he said "Bye Bye Nana" just plain as day, I was super excited!

Kynlee had her 3 yr dr appointment as well, her stats are as follows:
Weight 30 lbs
Height 37.5 inches

Happy 3rd Birthday Kynlee!

Kynlee @ her 3rd Birthday Celebration @ Incrediable Pizza, of course Dora was included too!

Record Snow Fall in Texas, Red Oak had the most ever 14in.

Kynlee getting ready for Ballet Class

Kynlee has a friend that she see's all the time but they have a love/hate relationship. Kynlee was so excited to see her today!

Kaden at the Valentine party making his bag:

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ambyr said...

your snowmam freaking ROCKS!!!!!! looks like yall had fun in the snow!!!