Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just don't get how I can read blogs EVERYDAY but can't update mine. Here is the last MONTH worth of stuff going on in the Berry household.

Spring Break week mom took off a day to take the kids to Six Flags with me, but after approaching HWY 360 traffic we decided to head to the mall and let the kids play and see the Easter Bunny, which Kaden had nothing to do with but Kynlee just LOVED him and can't wait for him to come this weekend! Next we went to go feed the fish at Joe Pool Lake Marina! The kids had a blast and Kaden was even eating the bread for the fish.

The kids had some pictures taken by a sweet lady that was building her portfolio so she used my kids and the best part was that it was FREE!

Last week we went to Disney on Ice, had 3 birthday parties to attend. We took many pictures but here are some that we LOVE:

Kynlee all ready to help daddy with her new gear, Thanks Crockett!

Kynlee's friend Rebecca from school had a petting zoo at her house to celebrate her 3rd birthday! Kynlee & Kaden had a blast but did not like the turkey that was there!

Pictures from Disney on Ice, Kynlee LOVED LOVED LOVED it, she couldn't stop dancing and clapping for all her Princess'

This is just a random but good shot I took of Kaden at Pump it up! He was so happy!

Next we went to Brenlin's 2nd Birthday party that was all about Elmo and there was even carnival games for them to win prizes!

Last night we did a little egg dying and the kids had a pretty good time, Kaden wasn't feeling great, his ear was still bothering him.

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