Saturday, June 26, 2010

My World Upside Down

So this last week has definetly been the most stressful in  a LONG time.  We had our house sold for a great price, to a great lady but ended with us finding out we may be here for awhile.  It ended with a low apprasial!  It had to appraise for what she wanted to pay but will all the foreclosures around us it makes our house value drop!  It was over 15K less than what it is on the tax rolls for!  What how is that? So I now have a new battle with the tax office to lower my home value for my taxes.  The buyer was kind enough to give us a copy of the appraisal so we can go fight our taxes!  My heart is definelty broken, my head is spining, and I can't figure out how we are all going to get our house values up with all the foreclosures around!  Our only hope is to try to sell by owner.  We have started looking in to our options, but haven't decided on anything yet.  Our contract with our realtor is until June 30 so until then we will be researching everything.  It sounds bad but having to pay a realtor 6% to sell our home is what broke the deal! I know we all have jobs and the need to sell houses to make money but if I can do it and save us 15K on realtor fees than I will be able to sell my house for what it is appraised at without lossing any money!  and get out of Red Oak!  SO wish us luck as we embrace the next few months with trying to sell our house by owner!


with all the bad news this week, Shawn decided to take off work yesterday to spend time with us as a family.  We first went to Hawaiian Falls with the kids in the morning, came home for their nap then went to an afternoon showing of Toy Story 3 then dinner at Chili's.  Wow we did a lot yesterday and the kids had a BLAST!  They were so well behaved, had fun and best part of all, we have one of our best family days together!  I love my family and spending time together helped take our mind off of everything else that happened this week! 

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The Wares said...

Brandon told me what happened. I know you're disappointed, but unfortunately it's just a horrible time to sell a house right now. And now that I work in the mortgage industry, I've unfortunately learned that it's not going to get any better soon. The next time we put ours up, we will be doing FSBO also...and it's easier than you think. There are a lot of great resources online when you're ready to do it.

I'm ready to get out of Red Oak too, but it looks like we're going to be staying for a couple more years! Then out of Dallas altogether and headed to East Texas. YEA!