Friday, June 18, 2010

Possibly saying Goodbye!

The above pictures mean so much, this was our first house.  We picked the lot, the floor plan and everthing after! We watched it being built everyday and we have made it our first family home as well.  Kynlee & Kaden have been brought home here from the hospital.  After recieving an email that we would be given an offer on our house I almost lost it. Too many emotions, happy that our time has come to move up and on, happy that it FINALLY may sell after a year long battle with the bad housing market, but scaried to death of what comes next, where we will go, if the offer is worth taking, and also sad to leave our 1st home!  When we got home last night I looked at the front of it and immediatly began thinking of everything we had done to make this a better home and OUR home! As for now there is too many what if's, too many factors in the equation.  I am patiently waiting by my phone to hear from the realtor and when we know something I will share with all.  Right now my mind is racing along with my heart!  Praying that it all goes smoothly and I find my new dream home to make OUR home again.

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