Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No More Diapers.....ALMOST

Okay so I feel like screaming with JOY that I now have Kaden potty trained and he did it all by himself.  He decided last Monday that he wanted to use his potty and wear big boy underpants, so we headed out to the store so he could pick them out.  He chose Thomas the Train & Buzz/Woody ones, surprise surprise.  Every day last week I called Shawn, Nana & Papa everytime he went since I was in so much surprise about it, I just couldn't believe it was so easy.  I feel like I tried and tried with Kynlee for months and then when she turned 3 she was ready.  SO, I wasn't planning on even working with Kaden until he was 3 which is AFTER our Disney trip.  I was always told boys were so much harder than girls and plus hes the baby.  He turned 2 1/2 last week and that must be the key, I mean I lightbulb must have went on in his head.  We decided to wear pull ups when we went out of the house since I didn't know if he was play games or what.  I did venture out to town with him in his big boy pants and he did not have an accident.  So since he had done so well last week, I sent him to MDO with big boy pants on today.  I was pretty sure when I picked him up he was going to have on different clothes.  My heart raced as he walked outside to my surprise he still had on what he left in.....My heart sank this time, my baby is growing up.  I can't believe it. 

Now for going #2, Kynlee had a super hard time with that one.  Kaden went yesterday & today on the potty all by himself!  Again, I am still so shocked.  Lets hope this lasts and I don't have to buy any more diapers!! 

So Congrats to Kaden! Mommy is so proud of you.

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Jennifer said...

That's always exciting! McKenna was super easy too - once she decided she was ready, we rarely had an accident, even at night. Plus it really helps that you are home during the day to work with him. Yea Kaden!